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I was so excited to see the cover art for Fire the sequel to Graceling Kristin Cashore.

Read more about it over at Amazon.

I Love Books Contest

The GreenBeanTeenQueen is having an I Love Books Contest for the month of February!

It sounds great! The winner will get the following books:

Freefall by Anna Levine
Kissing Booth by Lexie Hill
Around the World in 80 Dates by Jennifer Cox

More books will be added to the prize pack as the month goes on. There are lots of great ways to enter, too!

Be sure to check it out and to check out the rest of the site. There are tons of great reviews.

So I was forwarded this article in an email and I’m laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face and I can’t even breathe. I’m not making any sound, just shaking.

Dear Mr. Branson…

Be sure to check out Mrs. Magoo Reads where four great YA books are being given away!

You could win the following:

The Elite by Jennifer Banash
In Too Deep by Jennifer Banash
An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall

It’s a great contest and there are tons of ways to get extra entries! Also make sure to click on the links above for some reviews by Mrs. Magoo.

Read online

I’ve come across a few great things this past week. I am part of the HarperCollins group on Facebook and they sent out a message announcing that certain books would be available to read online.

For the next couple of weeks you can go here to read The Luxe by Anna Godbersen. This is completely great. I own the book but haven’t gotten around to reading it so I’m really excited to be able to read it when I get a few minutes here and there online.

I also found out through Bookluver Carol’s Reviews that you can go here to read the first book in the Ranger’s Apprentice Series. The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan. It will be up until Feb. 15th. This is awesome that Penguin is putting the complete book online! I’ve wanted to start this series for a long time and I can’t wait to start reading!

I hope more publishers make complete books available online like this. It is really convenient. I’m not a huge fan of reading online, but sometimes I just don’t have the money to get books from the store or I don’t remember I want to check them out from the library (or I’m too lazy to do either).

I am SO behind on my reviews that Wordpess has totally changed their layout.  To be honest I was a little burned out after Thanksgiving.  I had a ton of work to do for the end of the semester over Thanksgiving break and just kind of turned into a slacker after it was over.  However, the new semester is upon us (starts Monday!) and it’s my last so I’m trying to get myself caught up on everything before I have homework.

So, back over Thanksgiving break, I read Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst.  It is a story about a a girl named Julie who isn’t living a regular teenage life.  See, her mother is Rapunzel, her adopted brother is Puss-in-Boots and her grandmother is a wicked witch…well formerly wicked. 

Julie’s family escaped from The Wild, which now resides under her bed, so they could live their own lives and not have to be trapped into repeating their fairy tale over and over again.    Julie is annoyed with her weird family and doesn’t like have to babysit a plant (which has been known to eat shoes).  Her grandmother guards the wishing well which could bring The Wild back were someone to make a wish, so why does she have to be so careful all the time.

Then one day it happens.  The Wild has been freed and Julie’s mother and grandmother have been pulled back into their old fairy tales.  Julie must be brave, enter The Wild, resist getting pulled into a fairy tale story trap, and save her family. 

Review:  This was a great book.  I read it in the car on the way to Florida (when I wasn’t driving) and finished it in a few hours.  I really got involved in the story and couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen. 

I also thought the plot was really unique.  I liked the idea of fairy tale characters being “trapped” in their stories and never really getting to happily ever after. 

I also was just finishing up a storytelling class at school so I had been reading tons of different fairy tales and so it was neat to read this book and know some of the random fairy tales that were mentioned. 

I definitely recommend this book.  It is a quick read and great for anyone interested in fairy tales.