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Maiden Voyage

Since I plan to be a librarian in the near future (only 2 semesters left!), I figured now is a good time to start writing book reviews regularly or at least to write about books regularly.

I am not sure what book I want to review first, but I have a feeling most of the books I write about will be YA.  I hope to be a YA librarian and I’m obsessed with YA books.  There are so many good ones. 

Anyway, I guess that’s all.  This is pretty lame as far as first entries go.  But that is a brief explanation for why I’m doing this.  I also hope it will help me keep track of what I’ve read (although I do write that down in a book) and what I want to read.

I get distracted easily so there will probably be posts about other popculture stuff as well.  I like movies, music, and random crap that I find at the store and read online.

Snaps to my BFF, Ems, who thanks to her lovely trip to Ireland, helped me come up with a name. Maybe look for some guest posts from her in the future.


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