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Lucy Scarborough is a regular teenage girl.  She runs track and is looking forward to getting asked to the prom by her crush.  But Lucy’s life isn’t all that normal.  She lives in a foster home because her mother is crazy, homeless, and unfit to act as a parent.

When Lucy turns 17 she finds out she only has a short time before she goes crazy like her mother.  She’s pregnant and must try to break the family curse before her baby is born.  If she doesn’t, she will suffer the fate of her mother and all the Scarborough women before her. 

Lucy must follow the instruction in an old version of Scarborough Fair and try to complete the three impossible tasks listed.  She has the help of her family but will that be enough?  Will she have enough to time break the curse?  Or is she doomed to a life of insanity?

Review:  This book was awesome!!!!  I read it on the trip home from Florida at Thanksgiving.  I was so into it, I didn’t even realize what was happening around me.  My boyfriend would ask me something I wouldn’t even hear that he had spoken.  Awesome.

Although I really liked the storyline and the characters, I thought a lot of the dialogue seemed forced.  It was almost as if the story was supposed to take place in the 50s or something.  Somehow certain word choices didn’t seem natural and they stuck out.  It was kind of annoying.

I was able to overlook this though because everything else was so great.  I love that Werlin took a wellknown folk song and made a kind of creepy story to go along with a different version. 

Speaking of creepy, I felt spooked out a lot when reading this.  Everytime certain characters would come around I felt like someone was watching me or something.  The curse being written into a song somehow seemed spooky, too.

One character in particular kind of messed the story up (for me) even though he was such a important part of the plot.  He was clearly bad news and everyone just kind of let him hang around.  It was weird.  Even if people had bad feelings about him, they never were able to add two and two together until after certain facts were revealed.  I don’t want to say more without ruining the story, but I feel like anyone who reads this will know exactly what I mean.

This book gets a big ol’ five star rating!



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