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Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer

Ahoy mateys, it is time another review!

Street urchin.  That is the best way to describe Mary Faber.  Since the death of her family, Mary has been living on the street with a group of girls and Charlie, their leader/father figure.  The girls have to beg on the streets for money and only occasionally have enough to buy a meat pie to share with their gang.

But that isn’t the worst part about being on the streets toward the end of the 18th century.  The worst part is Muck, who goes around collecting the dead bodies or orphans to sell for medical experiments.  Swinging from the gallows is Mary’s other fear.  She is sure some day she will hang for her sins.

Mary’s life is once again turned upside down when she finds Charlie dead in the street.  She takes his clothes and runs away. 

When she stumbles upon a ship hiring new ship’s boys, Mary is desperate to be chosen.  She poses as a boy and gains employment on the ship by telling them she can read – a valueable skill.

Life on the high seas isn’t easy, but Mary enjoys the friendships she’s formed with the other boys.  Soon they’ve formed a Brotherhood and have sworn themselves to each other.  But things start changing as Mary starts to grow up.  Will she be able to continue The Deception and make the crew believe she is a boy?  Or will she be found out and swing from the gallows?  Or will she be run through by a pirate?

This book was a such a great read.  I love pirates and high-seas adventures anyway, so I was completely sucked into this story.  I like that this story involved action, adventure, and also a young love story.  It was really well written and I think boys and girls will both enjoy reading about Mary’s adventures on the high seas.

I haven’t figured out a rating system yet, so for now I’ll just give stars.

5/5 stars


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